About Us

AVAD Data is an efficiency focused database company helping non-profits, companies and institutions understand their impact.

Metric Data with cost effective implementations, quick response times, and simple 'just-works' software; is the best way to understand your impact.

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Measuring Impact

Our Impact Assessment approach allows your organization to enhance decision making, to improve quality, and empower improvement.

Impact-driven organizations have a stronger donor-narrative and are more free to focus executive attention towards their mission.

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Our Technology

Many organizations from small associations to large institutions track information using spreadsheets that simply do not fit available databases. Our Technology provides easy to use databases with a familiar set up, but with a fraction of the effort and time.

We increase the speed and accuracy of data entry and analysis with our functionality like Duplicate Checks, Task Lists, and Automated Reporting which in turn saves money.

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AVAD Data's Difference

Hidden Costs

Setting up, or implementing, database systems can come with a lot of hidden costs in the form of hourly pay that can be three to ten times spent on the software1. In enterprise software, well over 80% of customers report customization was required2. If your organization has unique impact metrics, the need is even greater.

Common practice in the industry is that software companies do not make money on software, but make a lot on hourly costs of set up and support. Charges often run $100/hour or more.

AVAD Data's technical innovation is software that can be tailored to your organization's needs in as little time as possible, with simple set-ups that often can be done in a week. The result is software with a total cost that is highly affordable.

1The Hidden Costs in an ERP Implementation
2Reasons for ERP Implementation Failures


We value your trust. To hire a database company, you should be convinced not only by us helping your mission, but be a business that will provide you support. We have streamlined hourly implementation and support charges. This ties our incentives to match your organization's in several ways:

  • Just-works software — The request we most hear is for simple software that "just-works." Which will never happen from a company who makes their money on support. AVAD Data is a "just-works" company.
  • No hidden costs — Our estimates include set-up and support and are honest recommendations since the business model is not driven by maximizing hours.
  • Long-term vision — We charge less for initial set-up, because we are dedicated to our high-quality software and support.

Founder's Story

Our Founder has long had a passion for effective philanthropy. Even in High-School and Undergrad, he researched organizations and their strategies who were transforming the world for good. He worked on the ground for two international NGOs and did local volunteer work.

After completing his MBA, he signed on with Epic Healthcare Systems as an Implementation Project Manager. He helped large hospital systems install their state-of-the-art medical database. He also spearheaded Process Improvement projects geared towards reducing the cost of implementation and moving towards "just-works" set up.

In 2013 he resigned at Epic to do full-time volunteer database work for International Care Ministries (ICM) in Manila, Philippines. He was surprised to find no software could handle their assessment data. When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November of 2013, while working with ICM he partnered with the United Nations to assess the damage. To his surprise the U.N. had nothing more sophisticated than simple spread sheets. He began writing his own software, first for ICM, then as AVAD Data so others could use the software as well.

He saw a great opportunity for non-profits to advance themselves through strategic use of technology. 10 years ago, a database would be difficult to maintain with the frequently changing needs of Impact Assessment. That no longer is the case. AVAD Data is how he plans to change it.

Impact Assessment

Understanding Impact

Managers care about their organization's impact. To make the best decisions possible, you want easy access to the organization's Data. On other days, speed is important and having immediate access allows staff to get out numbers in hours, not days.

Metrics are also important to enhance your organization's narrative for employees and outside management decision making. Over time, the most interesting anecdotes become the new and unusual stories, but you want them to be passionate about their daily impact. Metrics help ground employees and volunteers in the fact that their efforts are bringing about transformation in the world. Metrics should be specific to your organization's mission and should capture your goals. Having a broad set of impact metrics allows you to write your organization's story.

Changing Times

Until web technology, Impact Assessment was expensive. Most small organizations have limited budgets and nothing more than simple metrics. Now that is changing at alarming speed. Take a look at what others say:

Researchers & Consultants

Our Impact Technology

Oversight Technology

Many donors to non-profits and social business are attuned to overhead numbers and we find increasingly attention is given to oversight. It presents a unique challenge to leadership. Traditionally, the way to provide oversight is through hiring analysts and managers who bill to overhead.

Organizations on the cutting edge are finding ways to improve on both internally and externally. Our database technology offers Work-lists, Reminders, and Audit-trails designed to help people self-manage their work and correct mistakes before oversight is even necessary. It frees up leadership to focus on partnerships, outreach, and realizing visions for growth.

Small Data

The catch-word for database work is "Big Data." Averages and trends help guide decision making. When well implemented, Big Data also focused on the differences in people to help better tailor to the individual. However, it is still focused on management decisions with the Work-lists, Reminders, and Audit-trails are even more meaningful. This "Small Data" is what triggers the simple phone call or follow-up that can make all the difference to the individuals you serve.

Accurate Technology

Mistakes simply happen, the typical typo rate for entering numeric information the standard spreadsheet is 4.1%1. A portion of these entry errors can be eliminated with simple data validation.

Spreadsheet formulas are well known for multiplying mistakes and manual error rates can be over 10% for simple addition problems.2 These problems can be virtually eliminated in our database.

Our technology can improve accuracy by lowering the number of typos. Duplicate checks and trails on links between related data also improve accuracy. When there are errors, trails helps identify and correct them. If there is concern about the data, data exports to statistical software can help identify problems.

Is the number reliable? AVAD Data’s reporting clear numbers and verification of accuracy. With confidence in the metrics, organizations can improve the organization and more effectively pursue their mission.

1 600,000 data-point random sample
2 100,000 data-point sample including 10 different calculations

Efficient Technology

Many corporations will say they have mastered Big Data. Technology unlocks both Big Data and Small Data. However, one of the things that makes AVAD Data unique is that we focus on Efficiency not only for typing or analyzing data in our system, but also on set-up, changes, and training.

Nimble Data

For many organizations, Impact Data changes frequently. If you are conducting before & after surveys, questions might be added or removed every month or so. AVAD Data has been able to invest in technology from the start that makes these database changes fast and easy. In most cases, changes have been implemented within 24 hours.

Nimble data means not only fast-response times for technical changes, but also software that simplifies change-management and human training. We use web-forms and spreadsheets because even staff who rarely use computers are comfortable with them. Instructions, notifications, and task lists according to your organization's needs guide people through the process with less training.

Technology we offer

Data Entry

Data entry is about time and accuracy. The most important path to time-saving is intuitive software that just-works. Your organization should never have to waste time wondering about your database.

Web Forms

AVAD Data’s Nimbleforms are easy to understand. They are used to create new data and edit existing information. Data validation catches simple typos.

Real-time database searches find similar records so that users do not accidentally create duplicate records. We use the same search functionality to find information and define relationships in the data.

Data Tables

AVAD Data's editable tables are an intuitive way to work with data for any staff familiar with simple spreadsheets. Our tables work the same way except with enhanced sharability, data validation, and view options specific to your content.

Data Analysis

Good analysis begins with good data entry. Most analyst report spending more time "cleaning" data than any other task. Using a database as opposed to simple tool like Excel will provide a massive improvement for making sense of data.


Another benefit of having information in the database is the ability to make reports with either custom code or standard templates. Calculations that previously took hours of work to compile from multiple Excel sheets can be done in minutes or seconds.


A necessary feature for just-works software is the ability to easily export data for analysis elsewhere. One of the things than makes Impact Assessment unique form many other database uses is that non-profits often have many partner organizations, donors, or researchers to share the data with. Exports allow you to easily create Excel documents or import files for statistical software like R.


AVAD Data is a motivated enterprise with a mission to help others. That vision guides how we build technology and our work.


Impact Assessment data often contains personal information that should be kept private. A database is one way to ensure that your staff never need to take risks like sending spreadsheets as email attachments. AVAD Data employs security measures comparable to the best e-commerce websites including enforcing SSL connections and unique-salt password hashing.

Once logged-in, AVAD Data uses a modular system of security points to grant any combination of privileges to users. Employees can be given access to View, Edit, or conduct more sensitive actions like Delete data on a table-by-table basis.


Task-lists are probably the most important tool to make sure you accomplish your Small Data goals. Upon login, each employee can see a task-list customized to their job description. Tasks can be automatically or manually created and assigned to individuals or groups. Reminders can be sent or the task may change to a higher priority or a different owner automatically based on logic that makes sense for your organization.